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Please Read: Important Updates for our Parts Department

NEW! JULY 1, 2018 NOTICE: On September 1, 2018 our parts department will be permanently closed.  Over the past three years we have noticed a great decline in the number of people who want to repair HVAC equipment themselves, which is why we continue to remain open for in-home service.  We would like to thank each and every one of our customers who purchased parts or filters from our store over the last 35+ years.

In the meantime, we will be offering a sale on our remaining parts, while supplies last.

If you would like to continue to "do-it-yourself and save" after we are no longer around, we are recommending the following companies:

ELECTRICAL PARTS: A.R.S. Supply or Automatic Appliance Parts


SPECIALTY AIR FILTERS (Most brands): Moore Supply

SPECIALTY AIR FILTERS (Bryant or Carrier): Online at


FEB 13, 2018 Notice: In a continued effort to downsize - and, to improve our support of the products we sell - we will only be selling parts we can test in our shop.  All parts testing in our store is free of charge.  We regret that this means the following items will no longer be available to the public: circuit boards, ignition modules, furnace/boiler gas valves, and water heater gas valve/thermostat combination controls.  If you prefer to purchase these items for a DIY repair, we highly recommend the following companies:

Automatic Appliance Parts

ARS Supply

Because these items can only be tested when operating inside a furnace, we highly recommend hiring a technician to diagnose and install these items for you.  Many manufacturers are upgrading and modifying their products, which makes a DIY repair more time consuming and increases the risk of a mistake when package instructions are not observed.  We appreciate your business and hope you will consider Econotemp for in-home service.

SEPT 4, 2017 Notice: Econotemp, Inc. and Factory Authorized Parts, Corp. will be merging into one company in an effort to downsize and focus on in-home service.  This means our parts store will share the same operating hours.

The new parts hours will be:

Monday - Friday, 8 AM - 4 PM

Emergency Services Available Monday - Friday from 5 - 9 PM, Saturday & Sunday from 8 AM - 9 PM.

As always, please call first to see if we are open.




Factory Authorized Parts Corp.
(a sister company of Econotemp, Inc.)
“Do-it-yourself and save!”
(630) 964-2020

If you have previous experience maintaining, repairing, or installing appliances in your home, we encourage you to stop by our store!  We are open to the public, and stock simple DIY parts for residential furnaces, water heaters, boilers, humidifiers, air cleaners, and split-system air conditioners.

When you call our store, you will be asked to provide the product number, model number, or serial number of your unit.  A representative will take this information and cross-reference it in our database to determine the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part.  We love OEM parts for do-it-yourselfers…replacement becomes so much easier!  If we are unable to locate the OEM part, our counter technicians will try to provide you with a comparable alternative.


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