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Economy Maintenance Plan

Stay ahead of major fixes

Why Choose a Maintenance Program?

Picture this scenario: You buy a new car, and after driving this car for thousands of miles, the “change oil” light comes on. You ignore it and attempt to drive it for five years without changing the oil. Assuming your car even lasts this long, imagine your surprise when it finally breaks down after years of neglect.

As ridiculous as this scenario sounds, many homeowners treat their furnaces and air conditioning systems this way. Homeowners can go for years without scheduling maintenance, only to have their furnace break on the coldest day of the year.

Keep your furnace and air conditioning running longer while avoiding major costs!
Furnace Economy Maintenance Plan

Economy Plan Benefits

Sign up today for our Economy Maintenance Program. It's a great option to keep everything running efficiently. A seasonal furnace or air conditioning cleaning allows a service technician to make sure everything continues to run smoothly. The benefit to seasonal maintenance is that a technician is able to offer you preventative suggestions prior to extreme weather, such as replacing defective parts or even replacing equipment.


  • Keep your family safe and comfortable all year long
  • Avoid costly repairs down the road
  • Maximize the life of your furnace and air conditioning system
  • 30-day extension on labor

Best of all, we’ll call you to schedule a date and time for your cleaning! Let us be the “change oil” light on your furnace and air conditioning system.

Economy Maintenance Plan Cost:

$15.99/month or $190/year

24h Guaranteed Appointments

10% Discounts on repairs


Scheduled Reminders

2 Professional Cleanings/Year

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