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HVAC Maintenance in Downer Grove

HVAC Maintenance in Downer GroveKeeping your HVAC equipment running well requires regular HVAC maintenance by a professional technician, like the ones at EconoTemp Inc. Our HVAC maintenance technicians can clean, replace worn or broken parts, refill, and calibrate HVAC systems so they run better for longer. Doing annual HVAC maintenance is recommended on all residential furnaces and air conditioning systems to keep them clean, safe, and running well. Changing filters may be necessary more often depending on the unit but that is easy for any homeowner or resident.

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HVAC Maintenance for Furnaces

Cleaning out the furnace of debris that may have collected from the air return, checking the heating elements, coils, and returns can all help your furnace not only run better, but last longer. HVAC maintenance has two goals, to keep equipment running safely but also a clean and maintained system will run for longer than a non-maintained one, sometimes by years longer. Its worth it to your family’s safety, health, and even budget to do regular HVAC maintenance on your furnace. A struggling, clogged furnace can cause dangerous situations, poor air quality, and draws more power to operate, costing you money.

HVAC Maintenance for Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning units, both ground mounted and window mounted units are exposed to the elements and can build up dust, pollen, dirt, mildew, and all sorts of blockages to prevent the unit from running at its peak performance. HVAC maintenance on your air conditioning units is recommended once per year to keep the coils clean and clear of debris. Also, because there are warm spots on the unit, critters like to nest inside units. This can cause clogs and they might chew wires or hoses that you don’t want damaged. Keeping the unit clean and clear of unwanted elements can save you headaches of repairs or a burned-out unit from overheating.

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