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Economical Service With an Eco-Friendly Mission

Providing Energy-Saving Solutions at a Reduced Cost


Our goals and resources are always changing - please check back to see our progress!
  • Goal #1 - To lower the installation cost of high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning systems Progress: 100%

Support local manufacturers

Subscribe to energy efficiency programs

Inform customers about tax credits

Offer additional cost-saving incentives

  • Goal #2 - To provide homeowners with HVAC maintenance solutions that will save money and minimize waste Progress: 50%

Annual Maintenance Agreements

Duct Insulation

No-Ozone Air Scrubber

1” Washable Filter

Duct Cleaning

Referrals – Other energy-saving solutions

  • Goal #3 - To minimize waste commonly produced by HVAC maintenance, repairs, and installations Progress: 62.5%

Paperless billing

Paper/Plastic recycling program

Metal recycling program

Reusable cleaning tools

Refrigerant recovery program

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products

Zero waste duct sealing products

Environmentally-friendly pipe-joining products

  • Goal #4 - To minimize waste commonly produced by office operations Progress: 83.33%

Work-from-home program

Paperless billing

Paper/Plastic recycling program

Metal recycling program

Reusable cleaning tools

Environmentally-friendly cleaning products

  • Goal #5 - To reduce the energy consumption of company vehicles Progress: 66.66%

Strategically route service calls to reduce travel time

Explore low-emission vehicle options for service technicians

Purchase low-emission vehicle for service technicians

  • Goal #6 - To give back to the environment and to our community Progress: 25%

#TeamTrees Donation Program

National Forest Foundation Donation Program

The Nature Conservancy Donation Program

Community Garden Sponsorship

  • Goal #7 - To offer alternative energy sources for heating and cooling products Progress: 0%

Geothermal Training

Solar Panel Partnership

EconoTemp Inc.

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