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Our Mission

Providing Energy-Saving Solutions at a Reduced Cost

EconoTemp inc. aims to continuously improve our eco-friendly services by taking necessary steps to lower the costs of high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioning systems and minimizing commonly produced waste produced by HVAC installations, maintenance and repairs. We do this in a number of ways:

#1 Lowering installation costs

  • Support local manufacturers
  • Subscribe to energy efficient programs
  • Inform customers about tax breaks
  • Offer additional cost-saving incentives

#2 Providing money-saving solutions

  • Annual maintenance agreements
  • Duct insulation
  • No-Ozone air scrubber

#3 Minimizing HVAC related waste

  • Paperless billing
  • Paper/Plastic/Metal recycling program
  • Reusable cleaning tools
  • Refrigerant recovery program

#4 Minimizing office operations waste

  • Work-from home program
  • Paperless billing
  • Paper/Plastic/Metal recycling program
  • Reusable cleaning Tools

#5 Reduce energy consumption and lower vehicle emission

  • Strategically route service calls to reduce travel time
  • Explore and purchase low-emission vehicle options for service technicians

#6 Give back to the environment and community

  • #TeamTrees Donation programs
  • More programs to come!

Alternative Energy

EconoTemp is looking into recommendations for heating and cooling alternative energy sources, such as geothermal solutions and solar panels.

EconoTemp Inc.

EconoTemp Inc.
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