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Econotemp, Inc offers repair services on a variety of residential HVAC equipment, which includes, but are not limited to:

Each repair starts at $99, which includes the diagnosis.  The technician will inform you of the diagnosis and the additional cost to repair.  With your permission, the technician can proceed with the repair.

All of our repairs receive a thirty (30) day warranty on labor.  Most electrical items installed receive a one (1) year warranty through the manufacturer, handled by Econotemp, Inc.

Warranty on diagnosis not available.

When you choose Econotemp for your next HVAC repair, you will receive exceptional service from experienced technicians.  We are often asked to provide second opinions, based on years of reliable expertise.  We are proud to be known as trustworthy, and hope we can continue to provide you with excellent service for many years to come.

Additional benefits of having our certified technicians provide an in-home repair include the dedicated administration working behind them, monitoring their performance and ensuring that work is completed thoroughly and in a timely fashion.

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